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Hello, i am Hanny Kaatman-van de Spreng. My professions are: Mother, housewife and part time coach from mentaly disabled people who are living on their own (in the evening and weekend hours about 20 hours a week). I am the youngest child from a family with 5 children and just like Gerrit Jan born and rased in Eerbeek. I have followed the housekeeping school after the basic school and after that an education cald Inas. After this i started working in a nursinghouse called Hullenoord in Beekbergen ans also finished my education here. I worked here with lots of pleasure. Because we moved to Doetinchem i started working at the Ooiman but i did not like it there. Then i switched to a family replacement institute called Festog in Ulft for mentaly handicapt people. In the meantime i followed the education MBO IW en Hengelo. When i got pregnant from Jeroen i planned to stop working but then i got the chance to do the work i stil do now and that was a good combination with the work from Gerrit Jan. I always liked this work a lot and i stil do. We both love children and we have chosen to do fostercare since roundabout 1985. We permanently have 4 fosterchildren in our family who are related to eachother as brother and sister. They are 3 boys between 3 and 6 years old and 1 girl from 14 years old. There is also a not related boy from 17 living with us permanently. Next to that we do crisis, weekend and holliday foster care. I go to guitarlessons every week and i like to go out to dancing evenings with music from the 60's and 70's.

My hobbys are:
Singing with Friends
playing guitar
creative activitys with children
going out
hollidays and traveling

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