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Hello, i am Gerrit Jan Kaatman and i am born on 28 april 1963 in Eerbeek (Netherlands) and i also grew up there. I am married with Hanny and together we have 11 kids. My family is for me the basics of life. I do have to work to finance our living and i am the one who is working outside the most. I work for Vion as technical manager and maintenance engineer on the plants in Boxtel and Helmond. Vion is a important company in the food industry.

I am born as the fourt child in a family of totaly five children. I have got 2 older brothers (Dik en Hans), a sister (Hermien) and a younger brother (Anjo). I met Hanny in 1983 during a holliday weekend from a youthclub in our hometown. We started living together in 1986 and in 1987 we moved to the town Doetinchem becouse of my work at Sturko. We got married in 1990 and in 1992 we moved to Etten where we still live now. We live in a great house that was a farm once owned by the family Willemsen. They had a mill on the other side of the road wich building is now reused as an apartmenbuilding called Stenderkast.
In 1993 our first child was born, our son Jeroen. The others where born in 1995 (Marleen), 1997 (Suzan), 1999 (Casper). We also have foster children who live permanently with us. Four of them are from 1 family and they are between 3 and 14 years old, 3 boys and 1 girl. They will normaly stay with us untill they are grown up. Next to that another boy from 17 is living with us. We also do fostercare for crisis, weekends and holliday. This means our family is changing a lot and is very colourfull. We do fostercare since about 1985 and we have seen a lot of children live with us for longer and short times. In my work i have a long experience as engineer in the meat industry. I managed and created several engineering departments and did a lot of building, rebuilding and change projects on national and international level. My biggest project was the rebuilding of our plant in Boxtel in 2001 and 2002. A mager slaughterhouse with 1000+ employees, 12500 pigs slaughtered, cut and deboned 5 days a week. I also did projects on free lance base for example the technical due dillegence for Jutland Meat in Struer, Denmark.
Beside maintenance i keep myself busy with projects from all kind, for exampel: prodes optimising, refrigeration, hydraulics, pneumatics, automation, waste water treatment, water supply, weighing technics, robots and so on. I also do projects with environment, health on working places, buying technical things, building projects, and several other projects within the food industry. I also do different projects in environment, buying, maintenance projects and closing down factory's.


My hobby's are:
* Our family
* Doing things myself
* Making improvements in our house
* Vacations and traveling
* Computers and internet
* Horseriding


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